Monday, 6 February 2017

I Am Walking For A World Without Dementia!

I was just 10 years old when my Nan got diagnosed with Dementia, not fully understanding the impact this would have on the whole family or even how it would affect my Nan herself.

From the age of 66 she was showing signs that something was not quite right, 4 years later, when my Nan was 70 we got the diagnosis that we had been waiting for after many many years and tests my Nan had to go through. I do not remember this time very well, just little things like leaving noodles to cook for longer than they should or allowing my brother and I to do things normally she would have said no to. And of course, the forgetfulness and ringing my mum asking where her children were.

My Nan has been living with Dementia for over 10 years now and is living under the care of my 80 year old Grandad. Who unfortunately, is not in the best health himself so everyday is a struggle.She is unable to eat, communication and care for herself in anyway and lives in a specialised bed in her and my Grandad's living room. Throughout the years her ability to speak and use facial expressions has declined and now she is unable to communicate at all. This is so heartbreaking for family members as we know that my Nan is in there somewhere, deep down she knows and she is listening. Getting even a smile from my Nan is precious, it gives us comfort that she is acknowledging us, even though, sadly, she does not remember us anymore.

I would not wish Dementia on anyone, I cannot believe such a heartbreaking disease like this exists. My mum is one of my Nan's main carers, besides my Grandad and the Dementia carers we have in everyday. She spends hours and hours every week ensuring that my Nan and Grandad are okay and they have everything they need, always putting them before herself. It is so difficult seeing my Nan how she is, knowing that she is healthy in every way except this Dementia that she has, I cannot imagine the pain my mum goes through to see her own mum like this.

With my Nan being my inspiration, I want to do all I can to stop this happening to anyone else. My mum and I are taking part in a Memory Walk in September 2017 to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society to help with the funding of research to find a cure or some kind of prevention for this disease.

Raising awareness is also something I want to do, there are so many people who are unaware of what Dementia is. They just presume it is something that 'old people' get, and is just to do with age. I am at university and the majority of people I speak to about Dementia have no clue or only a simple idea of what it actually is. Raising awareness is so important, it enables people to understand and treat people that have Dementia in the correct way. For more information on what Dementia/Alzheimer's is click here.

Here is the link to my Just Giving page if any of you wanted to show your support and donate. Honestly every penny does help, even if you cannot donate - a simple share of my Just Giving page would mean the absolute world to me.

I truly want a world without Dementia!
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